Web mapping/web GIS

LiveTech Geospatial is a software solutions company. One of our areas of expertise is in Web mapping/web GIS. We are JavaScript/TypeScript experts and we work with most of the common frameworks like Angular, Vue and others. 
We know all the mapping libraries, client-side and server-side analysis and geoprocessing tools. 


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We build robust
scalable secure applications

We build robust scalable secure applications. We can also leverage lowcode/nocode solutions in rapidly building solutions.

Server-side development and integration with node js, php, .net , java, GO, python

Experts in Spatial Databases – Postgres, PostGIS, pgrouting MongoDB, graphql, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other databases.


Specialized Tools Development

We develop .NET Console applications and python scripts.

The dotnet console apps are cross platform can target windows, linux and MacOSX. 


We are innovative and offer a full suite of development and analysis and project management consulting services and project management and support.

Focused on Mapping & Geospatial Technologies

We can integrate in your database and API’s and work on advanced data visualization and spatial analysis capabilities

Cloud Native

We develop for the cloud and can run code in Amazon Web Services as Lambda Functions “Serverless Computing” with Amazon API Gateway as well as in containers using Docker and Kubernetes and standard Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Virtual Machines.

We can also deploy applications to Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

We do it right design for high availability, scalability and maintainability

Mobile App Development

GIS Mapping and Data Visualization Mobile Apps – we develop with native apps, apache cordova and flutter/dart based apps. (we have used Xamarin Forms and React Native on a few projects but prefer to stick to other technologies)


App Development

GIS Mapping and Data Visualization Desktop Apps and Utilities

We can write in apps in C# WPF/UWP or JavaScript Electron Desktop

We have robust platforms for using javascript technology in desktop application using CEFSHARP package which is the chromium browser. Our Windows apps like MapDiscovery and Earth Explorer 3D Map are using this technology.

We also can extend existing desktop software like QGIS Desktop via Plugins and new UI elements and forms.

Command Line Utilities

We develop both custom Windows C# command line utilities/tools and Python Scripts that can run in multi-threaded processing

We also develop rich workflows and automation with Windows Batch and Powershell Scripts and Linux Bash Scripts.

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